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our Electric Collective Visionary

Marlia Cœur is much more than a musician. She is healing through her music. 

She is a vocal activator and facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice. She has journeyed around the world with her music, offering live performances, sacred experiences, high-energy vocal workshops & retreats. 

In her global tours, she teams up with all kinds of musicians to create a ceremonial space, whether it be medicine songs, mantras, indie-folk or traditional music, soft ethnic handpan music, choral ensembles, or string orchestral ensembles.

Equipped with her voice, handpans, classical guitar, flutes, percussion, frame drums, special effects pedals and loop station, Marlia will improvise for you a heartfelt concert with East Mediterranean sounds. All designed to create a safe space and a state of bliss with guest musicians on the festival stage.


our Administrative PowerHouse

Kolos experienced the creation & manifestation of the original HUG festival aka Hungarian Handpan and World music Gathering (one of the only European handpan festivals which actually promotes ‘world music’ too, not just handpan).

He is a stage manager in the festival and closely related to the MAG instruments family, being part of the vision & its growth from the start. He is a great multi-instrumental musician, composer and producer.

He is experienced in collective/individual administrative tasks, trial & error processes, and he is a super-powerhouse in the actual implementation of the festival space, supervising people & actions from third-party collaborators to artists and beyond.


our art supporter

Music and art vessel since 1984…


our Guest Experience Coordinator

She was born and raised in the Romanian countryside, surrounded by nature and animals. When she was 11, she moved to Italy with her family and began a new chapter in her life. Camelia immersed herself in the multicultural community in Turin and eventually earned an International Science for Cooperation and Development degree at the University of Torino.

However, Camelia felt unfulfilled and decided to pursue her dream of traveling the world to connect with different cultures and deepen her spirituality. After finishing a pilgrimage in Spain, traveling through India, and living in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, she started her Medicinal and Healing Path with Master Plants in Europe and South America under the guidance of different maestros and indigenous traditions.

Currently, she’s offering her service to different Healing Centers and Medicinal Communities, and we’re proud to have her on Board joining us for this new exciting adventure!



facilitator of DoJo Contact Lab

Sofia began her dancing journey at the age of 4 with formal training in ballet by Royal acadamy of dance, later on influences of jazz, oriental, contemporary and hip hop dance became part of her repertory. 

In her teenage years, along with dance, she also studied physical theater and street theater.

Contact improvisation came into her life as a great discovery that merged both of these 2 worlds – dance & theatre. Since then, her curiosity has led her to investigate, experience and study more about this practice.


DoJo tea master

Tea is an amazing plant. Properly prepared tea will give you strength, clear your mind, lift your spirits and calm you down.
Tea is medicine – it will cure your ailments and open your heart.

Leave your worries behind and just sit with the tea ceremony for a while. With each bowl you will begin to notice how everything changes – everything becomes easier. Life flows everywhere – here it is, right now!

A few words about myself: I’ve been drinking tea in the tea ceremony format for 8 years, and I’ve been doing tea meditation for 3 years. Tea’s become a very big part of my life and has had a profound effect on me – calming my mind and opening my heart.


facilitator of Contact DoJo

We asked Kristina:

How do you resonate with this movement style?

“Through this practice, I engage in a very truthful dialogue with myself, my partners, and the space. My resonance with the movement style is a natural result of this dialogue.”


What is Contact DoJo?

Contact DoJo is a self-led practice or JAM space for self cultivation through contact.


What is Contact Lab?

Contact Lab is a space where we explore and learn various topics and approaches to Contact Improvisation. It provides freedom and confidence for participants of the JAM space.


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